Vinyly Music Launch!

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We are happy to announce the launch of our music startup!

Vinyly Music is a platform that enables music fans to discover talented artists through live sessions on Youtube and streaming services like Spotify.
We want to create a fair deal between the featured bands and Vinyly Music which is why the recordings come at no cost and any revenue that is being generated is shared 50/50 with the musicians.

We are musicians ourselves and we believe in the authenticity of live music performances. We think that it should be possible for musicians to promote themselves without losing their identity.
That is why we provide a springboard for artists to help them reach their goals and expand their audience.

Recording live music and uploading it to the internet is not new (see KEXP, Audiotree, Daytrotter, NPR Tiny Desk etc.), but we do it with a special twist:
We run crowdfunding campaigns in order to enable the session recordings to be released on vinyl.
Our first sessions with independent artists from Belgium are already recorded and already available!

Starting January 8th 2018, Vinyly Music will be recording & publishing music sessions on a regular basis.

Any band that is passionate about their music is welcome to record a VInyly Music Live Session.

We hope that you join us regularly to check out our new sessions!

Vinyly Music Team