Lars Grote

Lars Grote

Founding Team


I am Lars, initiator and founder of Vinyly Music. People would describe me as a person with lots of interests. But the two main topics that always come back are music and environment. After high school I decided to study industrial engineering for energy and environmental management in Flensburg. In my free time I was playing music.  After seven years of university, I was lucky to start my first job as a scientific writer. Interesting job, but my passion for music was calling me. After two years on the job  I decided to reduce it to part-time in order to build up my music studio in Saarbrücken (Truetone Records). As my private life moved on, I decided to live in Gent, a city where the music scene is endless. I love it! At the moment I earn my money with a part-time job and I’ve spent all my free time to develop a nice concept. That’s how Vinyly Music was born. It was a long and difficult path, that’s for sure. But what is also sure, is that this is the right path for me. I believe that one should be able to earn a living out of his passion. I want to earn my money by doing what I really want to do. But I also want to give the chance to all those amazing and undiscovered musicians to find an audience!