Color grading the Sofar session

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A small insight

Light setup

Before we get into the grading, it’s important to mention which lights we used. In this case we placed 3 softboxes & 1 fill light (6000k).
These types lights are typically used for photography but they work very well for what we do too and they’re quite cheap!

Color Grading

We film in Sony’s Slog3 which gives a faded grey look. Why? Because the advantages of this setting are numerous. First, you have massive color depth so this gives you a lot of room to play with.
Second, the aforementioned playroom makes it possible to create an image that looks high end without have a real high end camera.

There are no presets involved here and the grading is pretty basic. First, we boosted the contrast & saturation, making use of the color space we have. Then we tweaked the shadows and highlights, right after that we get to coloring.
The color temperature in the room is about 6000 kelvin (daylight) and thus a bit blue. We felt that the music is more emotional and engaging so we opted to mix in a red / brown hue with a very slight green boost.

Stay tuned for more!