Playing a free Vinyly Session has many benefits:

  • Free, professional recorded live session in audio and video
  • Your session will be published on our youtube channel and on 350+ streaming services worldwide
  • You receive 50 % of the revenue from downloads, sync licensing and streaming.
  • You can buy vinyl records of your sessions to sell them to your fans at your shows and make a profit
  • We look for opportunities to place your recordings in film, commercial spots and tv.

Our mobile recording setup has 20 channels to record with. Besides the input channels we can provide up to 6 individual monitoring channels.

The following steps are involved for your session to be released on vinyl:

  • You can buy a set amount of vinyl records from us. The prices are calculated so that if you sell each vinyl on to your fans for 20 €, you’ll make the same profit as Vinyly music ( 50:50 )

Almost anywhere where we can manage to get access and electricity …  and where the audio conditions are not toooo bad. Our company is situated in Gent, so sessions will be somewhere around Gent, Belgium.

We only need the permission to publish and use these particular live recordings. Your right to do whatever you like with your compositions stays untouched. We work with a specialized intellectual property lawyer who makes the licensing contracts, so you can be certain that what we propose is legally solid.

The main ones are Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Tidal, Napster and Deezer. All in all our sessions are distributed worldwide to 350+ major stores, including local & specific platforms.

Upon first sight it’s just two guys who love music – Frederik and Lars. On second sight it’s a network of music fans, musicians and bands who are eager to discover and enjoy great music.

We provide photo material from the session and we make this freely available for the artists to use for promotion.

The rules are quite simple, the venue must be suitable for the artists and must allow Vinyly Music to make quality recordings.

Vinyly can exploit the live sessions means: We are allowed to use the session recording in a commercial way. For now we are planning to release on youtube, spotify etc.

Audience is something we are also thinking about. So we might introduce that in the future.

You have to have the rights to the compositions. Aka, we can not accept covers to be played in a session.

We have the right to publish your session on a new platform if we’d like. For example, If our distributor decides to add a new platform to his catalogue called “HYPEZIQ” we can automatically add all the Vinyly Music works without your permission. We would of course notify you that your session will also be available on “HYPEZIQ” from now on. This paragraph was added in our favour so that we don’t have to renegotiate with every band on which platform we can and can’t publish as this would cripple our working and suck up all our time.

The actual publishing date of the session always happens in mutual agreement. So that both parties can boost each others exposure.